What is This And Who Made This

The contents of ironycentral.com are written by Jeff Vogel, unless othewise stated. Jeff Vogel is a professional computer game designer and freelance writer. For what little it’s worth. If you are interested in what he has to say about game design, whatever he’s happening to play this week, or what he currently thinks is funny check out his twitter feeds, business themed and irony themed. And Jeff has another old blog focused on gaming and business on the mostly forgotten blogspot.

Ironycentral.com is maintained by Mariann “Sarcasm is how I hug” Krizsan.

Any humor inadvertently contained in these pages is brought to you by the concept of irony. To us crazy kids, saying the opposite of what we really mean or think, i.e. irony, is funny. Insincerity is extra-funny. In other words, if some old cooter, say, Andy Rooney, writes “This is really funny,” what he means is “This is really funny.” When we write “This is really funny,” what we mean is “This sucks.”

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