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Welcome to Irony Central! Here, you will find a variety of humor for the sophisticated and adult Internet konnisewer.

If you are below 18 years of age, go away immediately! The contents of these pages will give an underage reader unsightly scabs and even worse acne than you already have.

Poo Bomb - True Tales of Parental Terror

And Now It Is a Book!

For years, this web site has served fresh, bitter baby humor up to many, many thousands of visitors. And now The Story About the Baby is available is actual, physical form. “The Poo Bomb - True Tales Of Parental Terror” is now available!

This book, guaranteed to have been printed on the genuine corpse-material of slaughtered trees, contains piles of genuine laughs for anyone who has experienced parenthood. Or anyone who wants good reasons why they shouldn’t. To learn more, go here. To buy a copy and have it dropped on your doorstep by a sweaty UPS guy, use the link to the right.

Jeff Vogel, the author of all of this fine humor, has a blog. If you are interested in what he has to say about game design, whatever he's happening to play this week, or what he currently thinks is funny, you can find it here.

Fresh Contents:

Yes, I am still writing! But most of the new articles go here. Here is something with more general humor, so I'm having it over here too. And, if you only just arrived, the links to the baby journals are to the left. They're the foie gras of this web site.

In the penultimate chapter of my definitive guide to New York, I discuss Broadway. And live theatre. And how expensive and pointless it is.

The next chapter of our New York Odyssey. In it, you will learn of the best steakhouse anywhere. Or, at least, the most insane.

Here is the fifth part of the New York journal. More restaurant recommendations! More mockery!

Part four of our New York City journal. We give a review of the Museum of Sex. Sex!

Part three of the New York city journal, for the pleasure of the few people who still straggle into this mostly abandoned journal.

Here is part two of eight of my New York journal. It is provided for the use of those who want to visit the big city and the amusement of those who like to laugh at other people.

This web site lives! After a long period of laziness and despair, we return with the first of an eight part journal about our visit to New York City. It includes all of the humor and mockery the handful of people who still visit this site have come to expect.

IBM, in its infinite wisdom, asked Jeff Vogel to write an article about programming practices. The result is here. You might think his ideas are stupid, but that is all right. It doesn’t matter that he was stupid. What does matter is that he was paid.

Jeff has another funny rant about role-playing games up at RPG Vault. It’s here.

Jeff Vogel has yet another new article at RPG Vault. It’s about his increasing dislike of playing the sort of game he spends so much time writing.

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