Supplemental Material

Setting Up Your Baby’s Bassinet. Or Something.

This article depicts the process of setting up the bassinet in which my baby Cordelia was to sleep. My goal was to create an environment which was comfortable, comforting, and stimulating to her tiny brain.

Conclusion –

Sadly, not every parent is as thoughtful and loving as I am. For example, my wife, when she saw the results of my planning and hard work, started screaming. She may or may not have stopped by now.

Early Pictures of Cordelia

(Warning only people with strong stomachs need apply. Click for more “fun.”)

Cordelia At 5 Months

Our little Gerber baby.

Pictures of Cordelia At 9ish Months

For loyal fans of our baby’s adventures, here are more photos. Warning: May contain mild amounts of humor. Very mild.

Pictures of Cordelia Around 12 Months

For fans of the baby and toddler journals, here, as some have requested, are a number of other pictures of the baby. This will make our nightmarish adventures much easier to picture in your brains.