Welcome back!

Hi. I’m Jeff. I write humor sometimes, when I am not writing video games. I put that humor here.

I wrote a lot of humor about babies. It was made into a book, on archaic paper technology. We plan to make our two books of baby humor into eBooks and sell them here.

Until the eBooks are out, you can read inferior old versions of our baby and toddler funny articles on this site for free. Enjoy!

We will also be putting up our old humor articles, reformatted for the web of the future. And I’ll write new humor, if I ever kind of feel like it. It will be here and free.

If I write something you find offensive, you may need to Cancel me. Go ahead and shout a lot on Twitter. Doing that makes the world better.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you know any suffering parents of tiny children, tell them about us. Our baby humor is scientifically proven to be therapeutic.